Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
12 January 2007 @ 04:11 pm
Since Wrangler isn't an only-dog anymore now that Jack's living with us, I decided to change the name of this journal. So now instead of wranglermutt, it's ragsdogs!

If you're wondering why I picked the name, it's sort of a play on words. See, our last name is Ragsdale, but instead of being the Ragsdales, they're the Ragsdogs. Or you could view it as Rags' Dogs, since "Rags" is the family nickname (Robert's Dad and Robert are both called Rags by some of their friends).

Anyway, so now this journal will be used for posting updates and pictures about Wrangler and Jack...

....AND.. the newest member of our family! Today we adopted "Toto" from the Houston BARC. 39 dogs in their shelter were labeled "Last Chance" and had to be adopted by this past Monday or they'd be put to sleep. But after a huge rescue effort, the deadline was pushed back until today and 26 of the 39 dogs (including "Toto") have been adopted or fostered now. A wonderful friend on Dogster who lives in Houston picked "Toto" up for me today and I'll be meeting her halfway to pick up "Toto" and bring her the rest of the way home tomorrow.

"Toto" will also be getting a new name, whenever I come up with one. :}
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Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
10 January 2007 @ 11:40 am
So I guess it's about time that I updated this journal. A lot of stuff has happened since the last update. Just skip over it if you already know about all this.

-In October, Robert (Wrangler's Daddy) found out that he was getting deployed. Long story short, we threw a wedding together in a week and a half and got married on November 5th, a few days before he had to ship out.
-After Robert left, I continued looking for a house for us to buy. Found one, bought it, and had us nearly all moved in by Christmas when he got to come home on leave. The house is 4 bedroom, 2 bath, and has about an acre of land, fenced.

So, onto Wrangler. Well, I know she misses Robert. Especially when he first left, it was really hard on her.
She graduated from her Puppy/Beginner Obedience Class. I'll be entering her in an Intermediate Obedience Class that starts on January 18th.
Wrangler LOVES the new house though, especially the backyard. We have dog-neighbors on all sides of the fence, so they keep her quite entertained.

Wrangler also has a big brother now - Jack. Jack was Robert's family-dog - a four year old Golden Retriever that they adopted from the Humane Society two years ago. When Robert came home on leave for the holidays, Jack came to live with us. It'd been part of our plan for awhile for Robert to take Jack with him whenever we got a house. Anyway, Jack is a big sweetheart. He and Wrangler get along great - they're both so happy to have a playmate.

So, the name of this journal will probably be changing soon to include Jack.

And now, onto the good stuff - the pictures! Because Wrangler has grown up a ton since I posted any pictures last. (She's almost 7 months now.)

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That's all for now. Gotta go feed the dogs.
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Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
18 September 2006 @ 11:35 pm
Wrangler had her first mudding experience tonight. A couple of Robert's friends managed to get a truck thoroughly stuck in a sinkpit of mud around Camp Robinson, so Robert, Wrangler, and myself headed down there with the Jeep to pull them out. Wrangler seemed to enjoy herself greatly. :) Hopefully we can go mudding there again sometime for fun instead of to pull someone out.
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Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
18 September 2006 @ 12:05 pm
I found a holistic vet not only in Arkansas, but in Conway! :D

Holistic Consulting Service
65 Sunny Gap Road
Conway, AR 72032
Phone: 501-329-7727
Fax: 501-329-3167
Species Preferences : SA
Percent Homeopathic Cases : 75-100%
Phone Consultations Accepted
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Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
16 September 2006 @ 12:13 pm
Yesterday Wrangler went to her first puppy class. There's only two other dogs in the class - one is a smaller puppy named Gunner, and the other is a two year old dog named Vixen. I was kind of hoping it'd be a larger class so that Wrangler could interact with more puppies, but on the other hand, a small class means that there will be more individual attention and perhaps some advanced work. I think Wrangler may just be the head of her class.. as well as the class clown hehe.

The first thing we went over in the class was the cradle massage. Wrangler was too hyper to really sit there and let us massage her, but she's usually a lot better about it when we're at home and it's right before sleepy-time.

Next the trainer went over "Watch Me". Wrangler pretty much has this one down already, and is beyond needing the treat to be right in front of her nose and all that. (The way that the trainer says to teach the command is to start with a treat under the puppy's nose and to lure them up to making eye contact with the treat. Now Wrangler doesn't need the lure.) And it's also evolving into a Watch and Sit. For the most part, whenever Robert or I tell her "Watch Me", she turns and makes eye contact and then sits and stares at us. Which is good I think. :) Anyway, after that, we led our dogs around the store and let them explore and all that, then at random intervals gave the Watch Me command to see how they'd do.

She also briefly started us on Sit, which is another one that we'd already started with Wrangler and that she's pretty good at (unless she's distracted). That's our biggest issue now with the training, is that Wrangler doesn't always want to pay attention if something else is more interesting and/or distracting.

Lastly, she handed out clickers to everyone and told us to introduce the clickers, for now we're just supposed to randomly click them and give out one treat per click. Then she went over some products that are good and products that aren't good for puppies/dogs. I felt like it was a bit of a marketing ploy (cause come on, we're taking the class at Petsmart so of course they're going to encourage you buy stuff from them), and there were a lot more "good products" mentioned than bad ones. But eh, whatever. At least she did tell us about the dangers of rawhide and recommended the pressed rawhide as an alternative. And all the products that she said were good, I agreed with her on.

The class ended at 6:45 which I was also a little disappointed about, cause it's supposed to be an hour long class. Hopefully next week we'll actually get a full hour lesson.
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Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
12 September 2006 @ 01:43 pm
Ok, so I finally decided that I should just make a LJ for Wrangler-related stuff, so I don't spam my friends with gushing about her all the time unless they want to be spammed. ;) So, I made this journal, and basically cross-posted some entries from my regular journal and from Wrangler's diary on Dogster.

I haven't had any more pictures to post lately, but some are on the way soon - I just have to get them off the digi-cam and onto the computer.
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Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
11 September 2006 @ 04:59 pm
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Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
09 September 2006 @ 07:39 pm
Wrangler came to the barn again with us today. On the way home, we decided to stop by the farm where we adopted her and say hello to her old family. At first they were very surprised to see us "you're bringing her back?!" - and we laughed and said no way, that we just wanted to visit and let them know how happy we are with Wrangler. That made them really happy, and we all stayed and chatted for awhile while Wrangler played with her dog-sister and her dog-dad. They said that we should stop by whenever we like, and we promised we would so that we can all keep in touch. :)
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Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
09 September 2006 @ 04:55 pm
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Wrangler, Jack, and Riley
01 September 2006 @ 10:31 pm
I think Wrangler is the most expensive free puppy ever. :p Today we took her to Petsmart and bought her all sorts of toys and treats. We also had a training consultation with the dog trainer there, and enrolled Wrangler in Puppy Education Class - the class starts on September 15, so the trainer gave us a couple things to work on ahead of time ('Watch Me' and rubbing all over her body so that she gets used to being handled all over, for example inbetween her toes and such so that when it comes time to trim her toenails, hopefully she won't mind as much). I'm hoping to have Wrangler go through all the obedience classes, then maybe start Agility with her or something. I've also been reading about Psychiatric Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals and wonder if I could train Wrangler for some of these things. I don't think I would need her to be with me 24/7, but there are times that she could help me out at home, like when I have nightmares or my really bad anxiety attacks or dissociation episodes. Since we've had her though, and she's been going places with me, it really has been a help with my social anxiety.

Speaking of being out and about, Wrangler's been going everywhere with us - to the Coffee House, to campus with me, to the fire department, and out to dinner tonight (we specifically decided to go to McAllisters since they have tables outside so she could sit with us). She loves it. After dinner, we took her to Robert's mom's house and let her play with the dogs there. At first she was shy, but then she had a lot of fun playing with the other puppy who is close to her age.
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